Missa Druidica

  1. Power of Star and Stone Joseph C. Nemeth
  2. Peace to the Quarters Joseph C. Nemeth
  3. Bless and Purify Joseph C. Nemeth
  4. Here in Peace and Love Joseph C. Nemeth
  5. Starry Sky and Heavens O'er Us Joseph C. Nemeth

The Missa Druidica is liturgical music intended to accompany the major seasonal rites of the Druids. The text is derived from the rites of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids, and is used with permission.

The first movement is an indroit, an introduction to the rite. It calls to the participants to gather.

The second movement is central to all the Druidic rites: a call for peace. Peace is offered to the four cardinal directions, the earth below, and the sky above. Written in a minor key, this is a cry for peace in a world that has no peace.

The third movement consecrates the sacred worship space with the elements of Fire and Water, and calls to the spirits of the four cardinal directions, that the spiritual gateways of the quarters might be opened to offer blessings upon all who partake in the rite. The rite follows the third movement.

The fourth movement begins the closing of the rite, and reminds us, with its simple tune, of the unity of all Druids — and of all people — throughout the world.

The fifth movement releases the spirits of the four directions with thanksgiving and joy, and then reprises the call for peace — this time in a triumphant major key.

The word “Awen” appears often in the work. This is the Welsh word for “inspiration,” viewed by Druids in its highest form as a gift of the gods.


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